Deep Learning-aided Spatial Multiplexing with Index Modulation

Published in International Conference on Machine Learning for Networking, 2020

In this paper, deep learning (DL)-aided data detection of spatial multiplexing (SMX) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission with index modulation (IM) (Deep-SMX-IM) has been proposed. Deep-SMX-IM has been constructed by combining a zero-forcing (ZF) detector and DL technique. The proposed method uses the significant advantages of DL techniques to learn transmission characteristics of the frequency and spatial domains. Furthermore, thanks to using subblock-based detection provided by IM, Deep-SMX-IM is a straightforward method, which eventually reveals reduced complexity. It has been shown that Deep-SMX-IM has significant error performance gains compared to ZF detector without increasing computational complexity for different system configurations.

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